Alternate Routes

Alternate Routes

Independent music not found on major streaming services, all tracks approved by artists/labels.

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    Alternate Routes: Up, Up, & Out

    A primer on the Tape #1 family tree with 75 Dollar Bill & co., weirdo pop from France, a rare jam by indie improv heroes Sonic Youth, & more.

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    Alternate Routes: September Sounds

    Sounds to ease into September: brilliant 12-string acoustic guitar, pedal steel, puppet opera dreams, new jazz, & double-drummer thunder.

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    Alternate Routes: In the Sugar Rain

    Dreams in sound: electric phin, fuzz bliss, psych-folk, cinematic swirls, & the big jammy jammy, featuring the Gunn/Truscinki Duo, John Andrews & the Yawns, Jeremy Barnes, Drunken Foreigner Band, & Garcia Peoples.

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    Alternate Routes: Night Dance of the Sun Cats

    Head alignments: quiet electronics, big jams, celestial harp, & guitars, featuring Oneida (with Lee Ranaldo & James McNew), Secret Drum Band, Mary Lattimore, Ned Lagin, & Elkhorn.

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