Alternate Routes

Alternate Routes

Independent music not found on major streaming services, all tracks approved by artists/labels.

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    Alternate Routes: Within the Great Divide

    A garden of sound in which to plot your next move. Jonathan Richman reunited with Jerry Harrison, unutterably gorgeous ambient pedal steel, heady tunes from New Zealand (via Nashville), Athens, and Chicago.

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    Alternate Routes: Up, Up, & Out

    A primer on the Tape #1 family tree with 75 Dollar Bill & co., weirdo pop from France, a rare jam by indie improv heroes Sonic Youth, & more.

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    Alternate Routes: September Sounds

    Sounds to ease into September: brilliant 12-string acoustic guitar, pedal steel, puppet opera dreams, new jazz, & double-drummer thunder.

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    Alternate Routes: In the Sugar Rain

    Dreams in sound: electric phin, fuzz bliss, psych-folk, cinematic swirls, & the big jammy jammy, featuring the Gunn/Truscinki Duo, John Andrews & the Yawns, Jeremy Barnes, Drunken Foreigner Band, & Garcia Peoples.

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    Alternate Routes: Night Dance of the Sun Cats

    Head alignments: quiet electronics, big jams, celestial harp, & guitars, featuring Oneida (with Lee Ranaldo & James McNew), Secret Drum Band, Mary Lattimore, Ned Lagin, & Elkhorn.

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